"Every Art Deco piece of furniture is part of the history of our past - every one of our furniture will become a part of the history of our future."

The carpentry trade and in particular the processing, design, and construction of Art Deco furniture is more than just our job. It is our passion. We want to be the best in the field and build furniture that makes history. We want to make this honorable craft back to what it used to be - a piece of art - was created with a lot of diligence.
We fulfill your wishes for a personal and atmospheric interior with materials such as fine woods, exclusive veneers, leather, polished metals, and much more that we transform into dreamy pieces of furniture. And all of them will have their own personal touch. We orient ourselves in the design and execution to the glamor of the 20s.
Because life was never celebrated like it was at that time.
In those years the real craft was still ubiquitous. High-quality materials were available from all over the world, industry enabled new manufacturing processes and there was plenty of time to give space to artistic design. This symbiosis resulted in furniture that is still very popular today.

More than ten years ago I found my passion in restoring, designing, and building Art Deco furniture. I am constantly on the lookout for old drawings, books, and traditions in order to preserve and perfect this old craftsmanship.

At the same time, I am also interested in modern production techniques, new business ideas, and new sales channels. I believe this is the key to success. The symbiosis of old and new - like in the splendor of the 20s. Today a lot is possible with modern machine parks and standardized materials, but batch size one and individuality fall by the wayside. Not to mention the emotions created by the carpenter's hands.

So it's not about products that cover basic needs.

It's about having fun and enjoying the piece of furniture.

Hänsdieke André

Völker, Malte

Hasanov, Rauf